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We have a team of dedicated conference consultants to help you find, book and plan your next international conference. We believe in the power of connections and strive to promote meetings with genuine educational value for all attendees.

Our Values

We want to connect you with the most relevant conferences in your field of expertise.

  • Like you, we love connecting with new people.
  • Like you, we enjoy meeting people with similar interests.
  • Like you, we want to learn about the latest trends and research.
  • Like you, we believe in the value of life-long education.

Our Story

When, where and why did YouConfer became a brand? We saw a countless number of graduates, PhD researchers, colleagues and friends struggling to find the conferences that they wanted to attend. Getting lost in the online traffic of irrelevant sites was becoming frequent. We saw a need for direction. Hence, YouConfer became a way of sifting through the endless listings of events, meetings and conferences to give you the very best international conferences for each subject.

Meet the Team



Founder & CEO

Lisa hails from Ireland but has spent time in London, Geneva and Canada. She is a passionate, driven, travel enthusiast. Lisa spent over 7 years managing academic conferences before completing a Masters in International Tourism and building the profiles of several online travel brands. In her spare time Lisa enjoys painting, foraging and surrounding herself with innovations.



Sean drives long term partnerships. A qualified economics graduate and hard working employee he is familiar with the academic and commercial requirements of conferences. In his spare time Sean-James enjoys biking, playing guitar and re-thinking the future.



Ercus is a technical guru. He has experiences developing online platforms from concept to completion. With a Masters in Entrepreneurship Ercus is enthusiastic about learning, developing and managing projects. He also loves to tick things off his long lists. In his spare time Ercus likes to dabble to online currencies and enjoys everything rugby related.

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