To become a successful speaker people need to have a number of skills. In addition to self-belief you need to project your research and work with conviction. This can take a great amount of practice. Knowing your audience, the right body language and coping with nerves are just the tip of the presenting iceberg. Designing engaging slides, finding relevant visual content and ensuring that you are portraying the right message are more key elements of perfecting your presentation style.

Get ready to speak with success, and no experience is needed to get started!

Our guide will show you how to present the right way, to the right audience with the right content. To help you with your next conference presentation we have designed a complete speakers guide with some top tips from the experts and presentation advice that should help you to create, practice, present and finish the perfect conference presentation.

Download our latest guide to learn from speaker tactics to make your conference presentation stand out from the crowd:

1. Learn how to incorporate attractive design elements into certain slides to make them stand out

2. Read about body language techniques that can be used to show off your confidence and success

3. Understand the presentation process with do’s and don’ts

4. Discover new media tools that transform your presentation from a dull talk to an inspiring lecture

5. Learn how to add creative elements to your slides

6. Formulate questions that will empower and engage your audience

7. See how to use striking visuals to communicate both theoretically and visually

8. Images versus illustrations

9. Resources, planning tips and secret tools

10. Close on a high

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