Education conferences are designed as a forum for educators, teachers, policy makers and students to learn about advances in education. Established conferences will have expert speakers, panels of decision makers, workshops and informative breakout sessions.

An education conference can combine various themes associated with different forms of education. The focus can take many forms but the role of education in society is usually a central theme for international events.

Often an education conference will address concerns and challenges facing educational institutions. They offer the opportunity for educators to collaborate, discuss and develop new ways of examining educational systems. Panel discussions and debates can feature heavily as part of the conference programmes.

They are usually held over three days in rotating locations.


  • International education
  • Online learning
  • Early childhood education
  • Contemporary issues in education
  • Teaching excellence
  • Best practices
  • Educational leadership
  • The role of technology in education


Teachers, professors, faculty, administrators and students all have their place at education conferences. As with all international conferences a broad spectrum of participants produces greater learning opportunities. Post-doctoral researchers will attend international education conferences to showcase their research and network with other delegates. Teachers and faculty members may choose to attend a conference to become aware of new developments in education. Students should attend education conferences to acquire new skills, participate in networking opportunities and learn from their peers.


Speakers for education conferences vary, depending on the level of experience and the topics for discussion. International academic conferences focusing on the theme of education will have renowned speakers from the education sector. Many will have published articles in journals. Others will have notable reputations in the field of education. All speakers should have a track record in either teaching, researching or engaging with different forms of educational institutions.

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