Start-up conferences are designed as a place where entrepreneurs have the opportunity to showcase their start-up-conferencesproducts and services to the public and potential investors. A start-up conference programme usually consists of highly successful keynote speakers, business management and development workshops and a core part of the conference is the exhibition which allows new companies to demonstrate their products.

Today, start-up conferences have a strong association with the tech sector. Conferences like Web Summit, South by Southwest, Collision and others have sprung up to provide a platform for budding entrepreneurs. Whether you are in the initial planning stages for a business idea or seeking funding for an existing business model these conferences are the perfect place to connect with similar minds and bring your ideas into the public domain.


  • Technology and innovation
  • Digital trends and the future of markets
  • Brand development
  • Marketing
  • Design
  • Business development and sales techniques
  • Financial forecasting
  • Management training

Although not exclusively reserved for entrepreneurs, a major proportion of attendees at start-up events are innovators, idea makers and entrepreneurs. Another key audience for these events are investors. Having reputable investment companies participate in any start-up conference is a huge bonus for all attendees.


Keynote speakers for start-up conferences come in a wide variety; from well know celebrities to high profile technology entrepreneurs. Often, the speakers will come from a wide range of industries as will the attendees. Lively panel discussions with 4 – 5 speakers taking part at one time is also a major feature of these conferences. This allows the attendees to get multiple views on one aspect of business development from a variety of experts.

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