Benjamin Franklin recognised the importance of great planning when he said “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail”.

Attending conferences is serious fun and presents serious opportunities. If you are ready to grab those chances who knows where they could lead to? Having a complete conference checklist allows you to concentrate on making the best impression. Conferences are about connecting, presenting, promoting and learning. Most conference delegates will register for the conference at least 6 months in advance. Use this conference checklist 6 months prior to the conference to plan the optimal use of your time.

free-ebook-conference-checklistDownload our conference checklist to learn the best ways to prepare for your next conference meeting:

  • Registration Process
  • Call for papers
  • Financial Support
  • Presentation Skills
  • Scientific Programme
  • Social Programme
  • Travel Planning Tips

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Take time to get ready for your next conference by starting with a list of your top objectives for attending. People choose to attend conferences for many different reasons. Delegates may want to showcase their research, meet up with experts from their industry, find new business opportunities and learn from their peers.

There are some small ways that you can increase your productivity including downloading and reviewing the conference programme, following other attendees on Twitter, practising your presentation in front of others and planning the details of your travel arrangements. Use our conference checklist to help you make the most of your time and prepare for successful conference outcomes. You can also check out our conference travel tips to ensure you are making the most of every event and learn how to connect with other delegates.